B-talent profiles your talents through an unprecedented combination of the theory of multiple intelligences.

This new approach brings to light the talents and the evolution potential of your collaborators.

How to make your
recruitments a true success?

By identifying talents and potential of evolution of your candidates to put "the right person at the right place".

How to improve your
teams' performance?

By analysing the synergies of your teams on the basis of the adequacy of "position-talents-skills".

How to retain talent?

By recognising the generational styles of your employees, powerful managerial key.

How does it work?

B-talent stands out from the classic personality tests. Accessible online and completed in 15 minutes, this test identifies your strengths in 3 spheres: professional, private and generational.

The analysis of your combinatorics is presented to you during a private interview.

Our prices

Our prices are adjusted according to the number of employees. Please select here the offer that fits your needs.

Included 170,00 € / unit
Access to the test
Report of professional, personal and generational profiles
Analysis of the results during a private interview of 20 to 30 minutes
from 1 unit
Non included:
Analysis of team synergies and presentation of results to the CEO / HRD. The time dedicated to this complementary analysis depends on the number of collaborators.

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