Popevol’, an approach, a tool!

POPEVOL’ is a new, continuous evaluation tool, fast and efficient. To provide a better follow-up, the evaluation is split into 3 frequencies: monthly, quarterly and annual. This tools allows you to identify the needs of your employees in a fast and efficient way. Thanks to this new way of evaluation, employees' competences are upskilled taking account each one's learning skills.

This tool suites any company which needs to empower their teams and their employees to learn how to work better together.

POPEVOL', a new evaluation model for the company

If you want to save time and find vision, this tool is for you!

How does it work?

To provide a better follow-up, the evaluation is split into 3 frequencies: monthly, quarterly and annual. Job Descriptions are created or revised to translate them in S.M.A.R.T. questions (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based).

Monthly, employees are invited to perform their self evaluation or the evaluation of their teams if they are manager.

The "crossed views" results are then available.

It's all very fast and simple.

A new way of continuous evaluation

A positive exchange opportunity for making training needs emerge

An flexible tool to catch innovative ideas and personal challenges

An evolutionary tool for supporting managerial skills via the bottom-up evaluation


Simple & fast

A few clics are enough to reply to objective questions (done, not done, non applicable).

Evol’s edition

Questions can be edited to be adapted to the jobs' evolution and to employees competences.

Quartely report

A displey showing the three last months evaluations puts in evidence achievements and needs of employees


At a glance, managers visualise their team and the results of each employee.

Multi team

An employee can be evaluated in several teams. Teams can be evaluated by different managers.

Multi devices

You can connect to the online tool from every connected device.

Our prices

Our prices are adjusted according to the number of employees. Please select here the offer that fits your needs.

Monthly evaluations (12), quarterly evaluations (4), annual evaluation
The updates of the tool
20 € / month / employee*
Non included
The hosting of your data on a dedicated server.
Editing smart questions from job descriptions.

* A preferential rate is granted for a subscription longer than one year :

  • a reduction of 25% of the unit price for a 2-year subscription
  • a reduction of 30% of the unit price for a 3-year subscription

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