S-talent profiles your talents and your potential through an unprecedented combination of the theory of multiple intelligences.

Few students, even at the end of their studies, are able to describe their talents, their potential.
It's easier daring to progress, engaging, becoming creator of our own destiny when we have identified our strengths and focus on them.

This online test reveals your talents and potential in just a few clicks.

How to re-engage with success?

By discovering the study method and memorization channels adapted to your profile.

How to choose your educational path?

By activating your talents to reconnect with pleasure, energy, creativity and self confidence.

How to build your personal project?

By connecting to your inner compass to find your right place in a changing world.

How does it work?

S-talent stands out from the classic personality tests. Accessible online and completed in 15 minutes, this test identifies your strengths, provides you with study methods and memorization channels adapted to your profile.

The analysis of your combinatorics is presented to you during a private interview.

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